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Celebrating 10 Years of Hiphop (2003 - 2013)


ARTISTS: GI / Costello / 4Real / William Lee / Moschops / Street Literature / JohnDoe / Lunitic / Urban Intelligence


GI (Christopher Buckley) is a hiphop Emcee and producer from Dublin.
GI is a workinclassrecords artist and a member of the group 'Street Literature'
who released their debut album 'Products of the Environment' in 2011.

GI performed with HipNos in Dublin and New York.

GI has become a respected hiphop producer and produced Lethal Dialects first two albums LD50 1 and 2.

2013 seen GIs release 2 solo albums 'Underworld' and instrumental album 'Black Tuna'.
He recently released 'MaryJane' a collaboration album with fellow workinclassrecords artist Costello.

The gnarly production nous of GI, will hook you from the start as he create smokey, dark, dense beats
that perfectly encapsulate the claustrophobic, menacing world that Lethal Dialect seeks to evoke.
Brilliantly constructed sonic, stoner-like murk. - Irish Times

GI Beats

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