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Celebrating 10 Years of Hiphop (2003 - 2013)


ARTISTS: GI / Costello / 4Real / William Lee / Moschops / Street Literature / JohnDoe / Lunitic / Urban Intelligence


Costello (James) is a hiphop Emcee from Dublin.
Costello is a workinclassrecords artist and a member of the group 'Street Literature'

who released their debut album 'Products of the Environment' in 2011.

Costello performed with HipNos in Dublin and Cape Town.

2012 seen Costello release his debut solo album 'Illosophical'.

"This is a CLASSIC..ALL hip hop heads need this!" Maverick Saber.

He recently released 'MaryJane' a collaboration album with fellow workinclassrecords artist GI.

Read about Costello on Headcase.ie

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