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Celebrating 10 Years of Hiphop (2003 - 2013)


ARTISTS: GI / Costello / 4Real / William Lee / Moschops / Street Literature / JohnDoe / Lunitic / Urban Intelligence


DJ Moschops presents the long awaiting concept album 'Prophecy', released in association with Workin' Class Records.
It documents the total disintegration of a lost civilization cursed by the marauding extraterrestrial race known as the Harrids.

To experience the album as it was truly intended, download the whole thing and listen to it in a soundproof underground bunker
safe in the knowledge that all concepts embedded within are but fanciful happenings
of an active imagination and that nothing like this could ever happen in the REAL world...

The Album features Ionskribe, Marvellous, 4 Real, Lunitic, Messiah J
Clandestein, Hunter, Layla, Dazastah, Sirius, Jimmy the Hideous Penguin, Mikey Fingers, Tweek, , Deviant & Djackulate.

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Latest tracks by Mosclaw

Latest tracks by Moschops

SP404 DJ Moschops 'science is real' routine

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